Create "something" for Ed Sheeran

RTL4 Late Night Show ran a special about Ed Sheeran. As Ed is a LEGO fan, reporter Lauren Fabels invited Dirk Denoyelle and Amazings to create "something" for Ed with LEGO bricks. Everybody loved the mosaic (96 x 96 nops, for the incrowd). In less than 2 days the mosaic was built, involving about all Amazings co-workers at some point. The mosaic is a sort of combination of Ed's face and the cover of "Divide". RTL Late Night is presented by the very charming Humberto Tan. Also Dutch Celebraty Yolanthe was at the table. Check out Amazings at and RTL Late night at

#EdSheeran #Amazings #DirkDenoyelle #Lego

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