B2B Eyecatchers

B2B Eyecatchers​​​​​​​

Looking for an attraction, for a unique gift or an experience?

Because of the wide span of activities and experience, Amazings offers solutions rather than just builds. 

Clients find us because they are looking for an attraction, for a unique gift or an experience. A model built out of LEGO bricks of your latest product attracts attention on a trade fair. A 3D portrait of the CEO is a unique gift. Having Dirk perform at your conference is a motivating experience.

And Amazings combines them all. At the pre-launch of a new piece of equipment, Dirk was the master of ceremony, hosted a problem solving exercise with LEGO Bricks, played a comedy show when unveiling the new machine and the audience received a mini-version of the machine built with LEGO bricks when leaving the venue.  

Needless to say: an amazing event !

Team Buildings with LEGO bricks

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