Art & Events with LEGO®️ Bricks

Art & Events with LEGO®️ Bricks


Amazings created a 2000m2 exhibit, composed of several themed galleries. The newest project is an exhibit on Climate Change and Sustainability. ​​​​​​​
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Amazings Fine Art

Amazings creates original works of fine art for exhibits, galleries and musea. Although they are meant to amaze the audience, all these creations can also be purchased. Discover more

On Stage Performances

Dirk Denoyelle can vary from comedy to motivational speeches. With a master's degree in micro-electronics engineering, he is both a comedian, artist and singer who speaks 7 languages. Discover more

Team Buildings with LEGO Bricks

The Amazings team buildings can be just for fun and creating a good atmosphere. But they can also hint at problem solving. Discover more

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Looking for an attraction, a unique gift or an amazing experience?

Amazings offers solutions rather than just builds. Clients find us because they are looking for an attraction, for a unique gift or an experience. A model built out of LEGO bricks of your latest product attracts attention on a trade fair. A 3D portrait of the CEO is a unique gift. Having Dirk perform at your conference is a motivating experience. 

And Amazings combines them all.

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