Hilton Paris Opera, Paris, France

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After an extensive renovation, Hilton Paris Opera was officially launched in January 2015. While bringing the Hilton brand back to the City Center of Paris, it was even more important to invite people to push the door of this wonderful hotel & discover the heritage this hotel stands for. Especially in the summer, catching the interest of guests & visitors is evermore so important.

Through our engagement with Amazings, we were able to develop a multi-facetted approach:

Main feature, throughout the summer of 2015, was the exhibit of fine art built with LEGO bricks, all around the hotel’s main lobby, Le Petit Bar, Le Grand Salon and meeting space. Admission was free, so the public was happy to explore the hotel and admire the art pieces. We also involved all our team members in this summer project – to have them help kick-start our LEGO DUPLO signature wall.

Amazings was also commissioned to build a large scale model of our hotel, which remains on exhibit – an impressive 250,000 LEGO bricks were used and guests still pause & marvel at its sheer detailing. We tackled social media with a LEGO model of our concierge Sack, and an exclusive miniature luxury set with LEGO bricks of the hotel was made available, containing over 2500 bricks. Our special Summer Package appealed to many families searching for a stay-cation with their kids.

To top it all off, the hotel hosted some exclusive Team Building events,

Media coverage was enormous, and the mini-version of the hotel became a true hit in the LEGO fan community worldwide. Early November, we won the much coveted WorldWide Hospitality Aware in communication, ahead of major advertising campaigns of our competitors. And last but not least: thanks to the combination of the different disciplines, we achieved a very big impact at a very reasonable budget.

Sofia L. Vandaele

Former General Manager
Hilton Paris Opera, Paris, France

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