5 interesting facts about LEGO sculptures

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Amazings has more than enough experience in making sculptures, from Charly Chaplin to Hagrid and Dirk Denoyelle himself! That is why we are happy to give you 5 fun facts about LEGO® sculptures.

A sculpture is a thing that you bump into when you back up to have a better look at a painting on the wall. - Barnett Newman

Do not touch! 

For some reason, people hardly touch mosaics on the wall. But sculptures on the other hand, people always want to tear of bits and pieces, brick by brick. And we don't want that to happen at all! But fortunately, there's an easy solution for this problem. You can simply cover the sculpture with a glass or plastic bowl. Are you still not completely convinced? Then try to put your sculpture behind a showcase of a glass wall. Curious people won't be able to touch them there!

I stopped counting at 3000

Usually it's very hard to determine how many LEGO bricks we used to make our sculptures. It's hard to keep track of every brick when you are busy crafting someones face! That's why we like to do some math, that way we can make a rough estimate of how many bricks we used.

I would not be surprised if they use the same method in Legoland. - Dirk Denoyelle

LEGO art doesn't come cheap 

The heads we build at Amazings are usually pretty expensive. Sometimes people ask us: "Can't you just give me the bricks and the building instructions?". Well it's not that simple, it would actually be more expensive. That means that we have to build the head, dismantle it, take pictures and put the data into a computer to generate the building instructions. That would be three times the work, three times more expensive. Nobody wants to pay for that, I think we can do it on our own!

A sticky situation

Usually the sculptures are glued, this slows down the process by a lot. But the last thing you want is that the sculpture gets damaged during transport. That will literally cost you an arm and a leg! Dirk once built Arsène Weba, the mascot of a furniture reseller in Belgium. When he arrived, his hair and hand had fallen off, OUCH!

Wait for it

Building LEGO sculptures is a long process, it takes a lot of time to create something from scratch. We usually build our sculptures at a rate of 1 cm per hour! You have to think ahead of what the next level will be, it's very easy to screw things up, especially when you glue the pieces together.

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