Proximus SmartCity | Say hello to the new model for Proximus

Meet our newest model, the elaborate Smart City. The urban version of the well known 'internet of things' was built for Proximus. It is designed to demonstrate how a city can run so much more efficiently by connecting people and digital infrastructure.

Technology makes it possible to optimize traffic streams, thus reducing or eliminating congestions. This way, emergency services can reach the people that much faster. The transporting of goods is optimized as well. Information becomes available everywhere and when citizens act upon that information, a society on the move becomes more efficient. Network operators like Proximus play a crucial role in attaining this goal. They provide the infrastructure to form an interactive data network. 

A digital city brought to life, one pixel at a time

Our model is about 5 square meters large. The entire layout of the city has been carefully drawn and built by Dirk Denoyelle, one pixel at a time. The Smart City contains all the functionalities of your typical Belgian city. Even a sports stadium is included. However, we chose to highlight significant pieces of the city, such as a town hall and administrative center, a hospital, a factory, a shopping center and a live concert on the market place. We even included a highway with signalization and another interesting detail: a drone up in the sky which is attached by a real string of hair.

The Proximus Smart City isn't just all functionality. We also wanted to make sure that the model was pleasing to the eye. That is why we chose a streamlined color experience, as opposed to the flashy presence of typical LEGO® bricks.

Dirk Denoyelle's Smart City has been showcased on these events:
  • 24.09.2019: Smart City Wallonia, WEX, Marche-En-Famenne
  • 03.10.2019: Congress 2019, Bluepoint, Brussel

Do you want to come and explore the Smart City? 

The Smart City will be showcased on B2B events only. You will have to opportunity to do so on next week's Think Things event in Dock Dome, Brussels (Wednesday November 20th). The model wil also be on display on November 28th, at the AIV 'Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen', in the ICC Gent.

You can view all images in detail in this album, or in the video montage below.

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