Hilton Paris Opera, Paris, France


Sofia L. Vandaele

General Manager

Hilton Paris Opera, Paris, France


After an extensive renovation, Hilton Paris Opera was officially launched in January 2015.  While bringing the Hilton brand back to the City Center of Paris, it was even more important to invite people to push the door of this wonderful hotel & discover the heritage this hotel stands for.  Especially in the summer, catching the interest of guests & visitors is evermore so important.


Roche Diagnostics International Ltd


Astrid Merida

International Product Manager

Roche Diagnostics International Ltd


For the worldwide pre-launch of one of our major novelties we were looking for something that would keep the marketing teams of our different affiliates focused and excited for more than a year before launch.

“A unique formula that enchants the audience from beginning to end.”


Dr. Michael Veitinger

Product Manager 

Serum Work Area, Pre- and Postanalytics
Marketing Centralised and POC Solutions


When company Roche Diagnostics Austria engages in a dialogue with its employees, it walks everything but the traditional paths. The company chose Amazings’ Dirk Denoyelle as a host, keynote speaker and performer to feature its annual kick off meeting in a unique way. “Shaping corporate events with motivational speeches, improvisation, comedy and singing fits Dirk like a glove.”

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