LEGO Masters episode 7: we're back on track!

I was very surprised to see that none of the candidates ever built a train. I thought that every LEGO enthousiast would build a train at some point, to create life and movement in their LEGO city. I guess I was wrong. I still have a box filled with train tracks in, and we still have such amazing memories from our adventures in Amazings at Trainworld. But as I was saying: none of the candidates share this love for trains. 

However, you couldn't tell that they have never built trains. I'll get back to that. 

Round #1 

The assignment was to create a train that emits speed and fantasy. 

The duos built trains without any experience. Hadn't I known that none of them ever built a train, I couldn't have guessed it. The trains were stunning! 

Jan and Lola 

The best creation was the pretty, interesting train from Jan and Lola. They added a lot of small stories and fantasy. The train looked fast and emitted fantasy. 

The element 'time travel' wasn't in their train, but after rewinding the episode, I realized that the Brickmaster didn't add this element to the description. 

David and Giovanni 

I didn't know what to think of their train at first, but it all came together when I looked deeper into the train. Well done! 

Bjorn and Corneel 

Bjorn and Corneels train was totally white. That was a bit of a problem for me. I thought it was cute and looked a little like Capitan Nemo's submarine on wheels. 

Jos and Martijn 

Jos and Martijns train reminded me of a Polar expedition. Ice, the ice age, ... . Could this be a prediction for the second round? 

Round #2 

Build a landscape from a certain age, with one big (central) subject and a bunch of small, funny stories on the side. 

My winner for this episode 

Choosing one winner was hard in other episodes, but it was very clear to me that the winners of this episode were Jan and Lola. Every scenery was beautiful, but Jan and Lola's really took y breath away. 

Jan and Lola 

The story was original, the scenery was elaborated esthetically and, as usual, all the details and extras were stunning. I love those to not-lovebirds. How they communicate with each other, and I quote (in Dutch): ""Sorry, dat kwam er lullig uit". 

And as usual, one duo had to leave the competition. I couldn't have sent anyone home, I think. 

Jos and Martijn

Jos and Martijns moving dinosaur was technically perfect, but (in my opinion) the other dinosaurs were better looking and more elegant. The moving T-rex would have looked more natural with a few plates. 

Bjorn and Corneel

The scenery from the Middle Ages had everything you would suspect (and probably more). It was a pity that we couldn't look into everything. As far as the Brickmaster's feedback: I agree that the dragon could have looked better. 

Fun fact: you decided to create a volcano dragon, I happen to be working on a volcano dragon myself. :-) 

David and Giovanni

I don't think I would have sent David and Giovanni home. In my opinion: their idea was worth a second place. Their future "bio fuel farm" with domes above and under water. The fact that the train, in the future, would be able to drive on sea level, is a detail. Like the sewing machine from last time, their world really opened up more when they told us how all the details were connected. 

Even though the launch installation and the bio rocket could have been prettier, the power of their story really would have convinced me to send them to the finals. 

Word of the week 

The word of the week is (in Dutch): "doordobberen". I've never heard of it, but it does exist. Not according to my dictionary, but Google did find it. And which of those two is more reliable in 2020?...

Well, this is the last stop before the finish. As a tribute to the finalists, and to the candidates that left the show this week: "totton" ! (Flanders dialect for "see you")

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