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For the worldwide pre-launch of one of our major novelties we were looking for something that would keep the marketing teams of our different affiliates focused and excited for more than a year before launch. For this purpose, we hired Dirk Denoyelle and Amazings: Dirk was the - amazing - host of the event, where he moderated a team building exercise with our marketing teams and unveiled the new cobas e 801 module (a diagnostic device) at the end of a great comedy show.

At the very end of the event, participants received the bricks to build the first part of a LEGO® small scale model of the new analyzer. The sets to complete the LEGO model were sent to the participants over the following months, and in order to have access to the building instructions, they had to consult our intranet on a regular basis. In this way, we managed to keep our affiliates up to date -in a fun way- about all project relevant information. The response was ... amazing.

Astrid Merida
International Product Manager
Roche Diagnostics International Ltd

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