How simple LEGO bricks can transform into art

LEGO is a fascinating tool, you can create a magnificent piece of art with just a few bricks. And that's all it takes to build a LEGO portrait, to organise an event or to even strengthen your company.

Dirk Denoyelle, founder and artist behind Amazings, knows this all too well. He creates art with thousands of LEGO bricks. From buildings, LEGO replicates of well-known paintings and sculptures over portraits and original creations; Dirk transforms LEGO into art. He started experimenting and playing with LEGO bricks when he was a child, as you can see in the picture. He never stopped loving LEGO.

6 bricks = over 915 million different combinations. 

Building with a purpose 

LEGO is more than just fun and games, building and creating with LEGO bricks is educational and helpful for children. Researchers even say that building with LEGO bricks can prepare children for the job market. 

Create pieces of art while reinforcing your team 

LEGO can even be used during a team building. Your team will be stronger after solving problems with LEGO bricks and your brainstormings will be successful, by triggering ideas with the help of LEGO bricks. 

While you are building, Dirk Denoyelle comes along to support your process. As an entrepreneur / comedian, he knows the battles of entrepreneurship. By coaching the teams, he can advise you on various aspects within your company. The biggest goal of teambuilding is to inspire people and help them making the right decisions.

LEGO art: anywhere, anytime 

LEGO art is everywhere: you can find it in buildings, in expositions and even on the street. LEGO gives a whole new meaning to the term "street art". LEGO has a stopping power and will blow people's minds, as the art surprises them during a walk through the city or even a boat trip on a lake

Expo in Sibiu, Romania 

There is an expo in Sibiu, Romania, where the heads of popular artists are displayed. These heads are a result of the creative brain behind Amazings: Dirk Denoyelle. The expo recently started will be in Shopping City Sibiu until 28/11/19.

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