Roche: "A unique formula that enchants the audience"

When company Roche Diagnostics Austria engages in a dialogue with its employees, it walks everything but the traditional paths. The company chose Amazings’ Dirk Denoyelle as a host, keynote speaker and performer to feature its annual kick off meeting in a unique way. “Shaping corporate events with motivational speeches, improvisation, comedy and singing fits Dirk like a glove.”

“A unique formula that enchants the audience from beginning to end.”

Roche Diagnostics Austria‘s annual kick-off meeting 2017 was one to remember. Instead of the traditional announcement of last year’s figures, the company treated its employees to a spectacular show hosted by Dirk Denoyelle. The story that needed to be told was one of change. “Change is usually seen as a burden rather than a gateway to new opportunities”, says Michael Veitinger, Product Manager at Roche and organizer of the event. “With the fast digitalization of our Industry, Roche needs to prepare its workforce for the changes that lie ahead of us. More over, our highly respected General Manager Andrijka Kashan announced her retirement which is another big change for our company. To show our employees we believe in their strength to adjust to these changes we wanted to do something special. With Dirk as a host, keynote speaker and performer one has a unique formula that holds everyone’s attention from beginning to end.”

The topic of change has written ‘Dirk Denoyelle’ all over it. Having worked as a micro-electronic engineer for many years, Dirks’ career developed into the fields of LEGO® art, performing and singing in which roles he frequently livens up corporate events. Roche has been a very satisfied client for many years. “Different departments from all over the globe have successfully worked with Dirk”, adds Veitinger. “Dirk guided the audience through the program, going from topic to topic in a comic way. He also improvised on a power point presentation he had never seen before and made a story out of it live on stage. Pretty amazing that was! You never really know what will happen next, so people stay focused. And when you have everyone’s attention, it’s easier to engage the group.”

Highlight of the event was a tailor made comedy show that was very well received by the audience. “In general, this kind of meeting is characterized with the announcement of last year’s figures and an insight in the companies’ strategy for the year ahead. Dirk’s approach is a complete new way of hosting corporate events. The combination of serious topics and comedy creates a cosy atmosphere in which people feel at ease and share their thoughts. Something Roche values as a very strong asset within a creative workforce. Next to that, Dirks’ message of change, basically saying you can take on every new challenge if you believe in yourself, was very motivational. I would definitely recommend him to colleagues for future occasions.”

Dr. Michael Veitinger
Product Manager
Serum Work Area, Pre- and Postanalytics
Marketing Centralised and POC Solutions

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