You can shine like Ed Sheeran!

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In addition to portraits and artwork, Amazings also makes real life mosaics of famous artists and other important people. That's why we would like to share our passion with you.

Ed Sheeran @RTL4 Late Night Show

In 2017 RTL4 Late Night Show ran a special about Ed Sheeran. Because Ed is a huge LEGO® fan, we made a large portrait of his own face especially for him. The Mosaic was built in only two days involving almost all Amazings co-workers at some point. Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of Ed's reaction!

The portrait was made entirely of LEGO® bricks and was 96 by 96 blocks in size. This mosaic is a sort of combination of Ed's face and the cover of his album "Divide". We have incorporated the colors of the album cover into the portrait to match the style of the artwork.

Amazings makes portraits for famous people but also for less famous people. Do you want to shine like Ed Sheeran on your very own LEGO® portrait? Contact us and we will make your wildest dreams come true!

Your real life portrait made of LEGO® Bricks

During the summer months, children in Koksijde were able to make their own LEGO® artwork. The entries were posted on Facebook. People were able to vote for their favorite artwork and the winner would receive a copy of him/herself made entirely out of LEGO® bricks! 

Two children called Jondar en Ybren brought an ode to their deceased brother in the form of a small portrait and won the contest with 1.500 votes! Thanks to their artwork Tjorre will never be forgotten. We try to inspire people and we are happy that LEGO® can play a role in the lives of many children and their parents. 

Are you curious what else we can make with LEGO® bricks? Take a look at our website for more LEGO® art!

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