Did you notice this in the new Kampioenen movie?

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Have you seen the new Kampioenen movie? Then you have certainly seen our LEGO® model on the big screen! At the request of Jan Verheyen, Amazings built a model of a really important scene in the movie.

A few weeks ago, Dirk Denoyelle was also present at the avant premiere. After the event, we got the chance to talk about the new movie with fellow artists:
F.C. De Kampioenen was also one of the most popular TV series in Belgium. We can almost view the series as a piece of Belgian culture. Because almost every Belgian has seen this series one way or the other. The show is still being watched to this day and broadcasted on national television. 

That is why we are incredibly honored to be able to make a model for our national heroes! In addition, we have also copied the famous characters from the movie and transformed them into LEGO characters.

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