Marten en Oopjen are coming back to Amsterdam

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3 years ago a fierce discussion arose between France and The Netherlands about the definitive location of Marten and Oopje. Two life-sized Rembrandt paintings. They had to choose a location to display the paintings. Either they were placed in the Louvre or in the national museum of Amsterdam.

Eventually the 2 parties made a deal. The portraits would alternately hang in Paris and Amsterdam for a few years. But LEGO has now finally brought them to Amsterdam, their hometown. To celebrate this, the paintings traveled around Amsterdam all day. After their journey through the city, they will be exhibited in the lego flagship store Kalverstraat 57, Amsterdam. To realize this, they created a showroom on wheels!

This flagship store opened on the 29th of November. A very special occasion because there are only a few stores like this in the whole world! In addition, you can now take a look at Marten and Oopjen completely free of charge. 

“Marten and Oopjen are so closely connected to Dutch culture that we could hardly help but set up this promotion. Our first Dutch flagship store is all about Dutch art, culture, icons and innovations. In addition to a huge LEGO mill of 3.25 meters, an icon from the Dutch landscape, there are also various works by Rembrandt and other Dutch masters on display in the store. The Marten and Oopjen couple could not be missing." - Heidi Verheyen, Marketing Director, LEGO Benelux

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