The new LEGO Master Model Builder has been chosen!

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On December 11 the new LEGO® Master Model Builder was announced at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Scheveningen. It is not easy to choose a winner while you are surrounded by so much talent. That's why we are proud that Dirk Denoyelle got the opportunity to be one of the four members of the official jury!

And the winner is...

Of the 20 finalists, one really stood out: Arjan Groendijk from Rotterdam. Arjan was one of Dirk's favorite contestants. He was one of the best builders, he had the right vibe and he knew how to work with kids. Those three pillars are very important for a future LEGO Master Model Builder! 

Before competing in the finals, the candidates had to submit a personal video. After the preselection, the best contestants had to pass 5 important tests:
  • A pitch in front of the jury
  • Building a boat
  • Building a stork
  • A children's animation session
  • Free building exercise 

From May 2020 the winner of the competition will work for the new LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Scheveningen. In addition, he was immediately offered a permanent contract. We wish Arjan a lot of success with his new job as the 27th LEGO Master Model Builder in the world!

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