Sculpture in the picture: The adoration of the Magi by Rubens

500 hours and 300 000 LEGO bricks, that's what it takes to make a LEGO Mosaic of the famous painting "The Adoration of the Magi" by Rubens. But it wasn't just a remake of the painting, Amazings got creative.

Wise guys in LEGO

The Adoration of the Magi inspired Dirk Denoyelle to change all the faces into "famous wise people". (In Dutch they are called: wijzen = wise people). Of course that means that Albert Einstein is present, but also Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Socrates are portrayed. Do you recognize them all?*

* In the LEGO Mosaic you will find: Albert EinsteinConfuciusDesiderius Erasmus, Thomas AcquinasMahatma GandhiSocratesShri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Pierre Teilhard de ChardinNicolaus CopernicusNelson MandelaHercule PoirotImmanuel Kant, Joseph and baby Jesus.

Interesting facts

  • For a long time this LEGO Mosaic was the largest in the world. It's 4,8 meters high and 3,6 meters wide.
  • There was a mix up. Dirk wanted to include Teilhard de Chardin in the LEGO Mosaic, because he made quite an impression on Dirk during his schooldays. Unfortunately he confused him with Thomas Acquinas while building this LEGO masterpiece. Luckily Dirk found a way to include Teilhard de Chardin anyway.
  • Dirk added the head of Danny Braem, one of his best friends. You will find him behind Ghandi. Danny did not know until 2 years after the mosaic was ready. Danny visited one of Dirk’s motivational speeches. Dirk showed his LEGO version of "The adoration of the Magi" on the big screen. Danny was very surprised seeing himself in this artwork.
  • Also Dirk's wife Amaya is portrayed in the LEGO Mosaic. She is very well hidden: facing upward, just above the letters "gs" from “”,  For years now, he has been trying to put a nicer portrait of her in there, but there just never seems to be time to do so. 

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