Rambøll Amager Power Plant | Amazing(s) energy at Copenhagen

In the beginning of February 2020 Dirk Denoyelle visited Copenhagen with his daughter, Laura. Laura studies Sustainable Architectural Engineering, a very exciting field of expertise, in Copenhagen. During this citytrip Dirk mixed a little bit of business with a lot of pleasure.


Some would call this a business trip for Dirk, because he went to see a former client of his: Charlotte Boesen of Ramboll. But for Dirk this was a a nice reunion.

Ramboll is a eco-friendly company that has several Waste-to-Energy Plants. Two of these plants are right there in Copenhagen: the Avedøre plant and the Amager plant. In the past Dirk developed a LEGO model of the Avedøre plant. This model was used by Ramboll to show their plants during a congress.


Watch this slowmotion video of Dirk Denoyelle building the LEGO model.

Afterwards Amazings built a model of the new plant Amager, which is also a ski slope. After a lot of postponing, the real Amager plant finally opened in 2017. And now the time is right to show the LEGO model to the world. During Dirk's visit, he noticed the two LEGO models were displayed in the office of Ramboll.

Fun fact

The Amager plant is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the same architectural office that designed the LEGO House.
This called for a meeting with BIG: Dirk met Brian Yang, Bjarke's right hand. He was the architect that worked on the Amager Plant. What an amazing coincidence!


Luckily there was also some time to see the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. Laura and Dirk took a picture that really summarized the link between Amazings, LEGO and Copenhagen. Do you notice the Amager plant in the background?

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