Poppulo chooses an "Amazing" teambuilding

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The international communication and software company Poppulo held a client seminar. Instead of overwhelming their clients with yet another bunch of boring slides and talks, they chose to work together with Dirk Denoyelle.

1 room, 1 table, a motivated team and a lot of LEGO® bricks

That's all you need for an impactful team building! Dirk went to the venue in Amsterdam to inspire the clients - and some prospects - of the company. The purpose of the team building is to make surface ideas with the help of LEGO® bricks instead of just brainstorming. This way of working encourages people to think differently about their ideas or projects. We want to make people think out of the box and discover new perspectives. And that's just what Poppulo’s clients needed - and what Poppulo can offer !

To showcase the possibilities of working with LEGO® bricks, participants were told to work on the question: "How to align the rest of the business with the Internal Communications department?" This isn't an easy subject to talk about, so we had to spice things up by literally constructing the ideas.

And this is where Dirk Denoyelle comes to play! Dirk guides the employees and clients in a playful way without losing focus. He gives them energy, and there is always room for a joke (or two). It's a team building experience after all. Dirk makes people think twice about what they have built. After building, the employees were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas. They had to explain what they had built and what their work of art stood for.

The best thing about our team buildings is that people have to work together to achieve the final result. It's the ideal way to create and enforce the bond between colleagues. Sometimes it's necessary to leave your comfort zone to achieve great results. The team building is a way to be creative while helping your business grow as a team.

The Amazings Team buildings show quick results. Sessions can take from only one hour (showcases) to half a day, giving you at least 80% of what you would get with more traditional teambuildings / brainstorming sessions.

Are you looking for a unique and creative teambuilding for your company? Contact us now and we will spice things up at your company!

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