Stuck in a loop? Get inspired with our LEGO® teambuilding experience!

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Do you need inspiration to organise your next teambuilding event? Are you getting sick and tired of doing the same thing every year? Get on board and organise an amazing teambuilding!

You don't always have to get down and dirty while completing nearly impossible challenges together with your team. Sometimes the real challenges for your company (or yourself as an individual) are inside your mind. And that's why we see teambuildings differently!

Teambuilding or building a team?

A lot of companies have a hard time maintaining relationships between employees within the company. They often work in different departments and only communicate via email. And we certainly want to avoid that!

Other companies sometimes have problems finding their true identity. "Who are we? Why do we exist? What distinguishes us from our competitors?" By viewing (and building) things in a different way, surprising proposals may come up. Let your creativity run free! There are no limits to your own creativity. And we want to make that clear during our teambuildings.

While you are building, Dirk Denoyelle comes along to support your process. As an entrepreneur / comedian, he knows the battles of entrepreneurship. By coaching the teams, he can advise you on various aspects within your company. The biggest goal of teambuilding is to inspire people and help them by making the right decisions.

But that's not always an easy task! And Poppulo knows that all too well. Poppulo was looking for a way to organise an original client seminar. That's why they invited their clients for a fun experience. There is no better way to talk about difficult topics than a fun brainstorm session with LEGO® bricks! After the building experience, they had to present their creation and pitch in front of the entire team. That's one way to face your fears! 

Are you looking for a way to overcome the obstacles for your company? Then be sure to take a look at for more information about our teambuildings!

Or book our Amazing teambuilding with LEGO® bricks right now!

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